Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Path I Had to Walk by Raven

From the Publisher
This is a heartfelt story as told by the author in her own words, about triumph over tragedy. The story unfolds with the telling of a small girl’s life growing up in an environment few could imagine. It describes in tragic detail the terror experienced by a small child at the hands of her family.

As you read this book, you will be drawn into a relationship with a dysfunctional family and become part of the story. The story shows how a child with little chance for a successful life chose success over failure in a world of physical and mental abuse achieving triumph over tragedy.

With so many stories of failure, this story enlightens and encourages anyone born into adversity to the hope of a better life. In drawing from her faith and inner strength a little girl overcomes circumstance to achieve success beyond expectation.

Raven lives a blessed life in the south and her story continues.

From the Author
I write under the pseudonym of Raven. I live in the south with my husband and wonderful children. I have always had a talent for writing. Reading and Language Arts were my best subjects in school. My hobbies are reading RL Stine, Christopher Pike, Norma Roberts and James Patterson books.

I have been married for twelve years and we have three of the most wonderful children you could ever meet. I spent

I began writing my life story as therapy, a way of getting it all out like keeping a journal. I learned that the more I wrote the more I understood my life. Since I am the type of person who believes that everything happens for a reason, I realized that my hard up bringing was what made me into the woman I am today. Everything I experienced was just the path I had to walk.

My Take
Heart-wrenching!!  Compelling!
Raven’s young life was undeniably complex and harsh. It’s very difficult to imagine how a mother could treat her own child as Raven was treated. Why would someone have a child just to treat them worse than a pesky rodent? My heart goes out to Raven for the years she had to endure. Just reading some of the passages brought tears to my eyes but, in the end, her courage prevails.
Learning forgiveness and understanding truly is the underlying message of this compelling story. Raven has taken those years and learned from them in order to make herself a better person. Thank you, Raven, for sharing your story---it’s a work full of optimism and bravery.

Published by Brighton Publishing and available for download on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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