Sunday, May 1, 2011

ONE GOOD MAN by Virginia Foster


Dr. Diane Redfield seems to have it all: beauty, brains, good friends, and a thriving psychology practice. She is dedicated to her patients and spends her free time enjoying the California weather with her loyal dog, Paul. But despite her full life, she has yet to find success in love--until she meets Dr. Bob Callahan, a highly respected psychiatrist and widowed father. The two begin a passionate affair.

As the relationship progresses, Diane struggles with her own fears as well as her professional ethics. Then she begins to realize something very sinister is going on. The more she learns, the deeper she falls into danger.

One Good Man is a page-turner full of romance and suspense. Join Dr. Diane as she struggles to survive the darkest places of the human mind--and to keep her faith in the possibility of love.


Don’t tell anyone, but I love a good romance novel now and again! So when I saw One Good Man offered at Dorrance Publishing, I knew it was the one for me. 

A very interesting plot evolved for the couple. Both psychologists, the story utilized their profession all the way from their meeting to their involvement in shared cases, to the unusual twist in the plot (that I won’t give away!). It is a topic that is rarely written about in a romance novel much less contemporary novels. I found it out of the ordinary and thought-provoking for a subject I didn’t know much about.

Ms Foster has a very good writing style—easy to read and follow with attention to filling in all the “gaps” involved in such a story line. I would definitely pick up another of her books in the future.

I’m going to give this a 4-star rating for it’s lovely tale of new love, intriguing story line, and the way the book flowed.

I received a complimentary copy of One Good Man by Virginia Foster as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team. Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

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