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Amber Grey: Calm Before the Storm by Jennifer Coalwell

Captivating!! Riveting!! Mesmerizing!!

From the Publisher

Tom and Dara Grey knew their baby daughter was special when she entered the world on a hot, muggy morning in June. A delightful child, Amber possessed the ability to brighten any room with her mere presence. But, when her mother began to notice the correlation between unexplainable weather changes and the baby’s moods, she realized it was so much more. Dara observed how lightning flashed at the child’s cry, rain fell with her tears, and the atmosphere seemed to glow when Amber expressed joy. Tom was enchanted with his new daughter, but refused to admit he knows why Amber holds this incredible link with the skies.

Amber Grey bears the burden of this extraordinary connection because she trails a long line of gift possessors who, for generations, have sought to protect the rights and freedoms of the human race. Despite her efforts to control her thoughts and to hide behind a mask of normalcy, her abilities are discovered and she is cruelly betrayed, becoming the victim of a vicious witch hunt. Pulled into a thousand year old conflict between the Protectors and the Misusers, she learns it is the power behind her choices that will lead her friends and family to safety—or to death.

It is inevitable that Amber’s power will be unleashed against dark and elusive enemies, but will she discover the secrets of her nature in time? The storm is coming . . .

My Take

". . . it is never the task of the oppressed to change for the oppressor . . . in other words, we live our lives giving mankind the best we have to offer, and if our best offends another, we cannot change it—nor should we. It is a part of us . . . it is what makes us who we are."  Amber Grey: Calm Before the Storm

Amber Grey: Calm Before the Storm definitely has it all – fantasy, thriller, action & adventure, romance, historical fiction, comedy, and plenty of twists and turns. It’s a fantastic young-adult novel because of its imaginative and exciting story line. You can’t be sure what’s around the next corner for Amber.

When I first picked up this book and saw it had a fantasy themed plot, I was skeptical since that’s not my usual genre. However, after the first chapter, I was hooked! It was hard to put it down—I took my Nook with me everywhere because I was so absorbed in it. Even if I only had 5 minutes to read before an appointment, Amber was with me.

We all have our own “special gifts”—maybe not quite as flamboyant as Amber’s—that are given to us at birth. The challenge, as with Amber, is to use those gifts in a way to better ourselves, others, and possibly the world. Even a simple, small gift as being able to make others smile is a contribution to society. The trick is to find that gift within yourself, grow it, and use it in a positive manner—exactly the way Amber was taught to use her “special gift”.

The ending of the book (read it to find out!!!) was certainly not what I was expecting! But it’s made me want to learn more about Amber and her gifted journey. I’m really looking forward to Book 2—Amber Grey: The Lost City.  Hopefully it comes out soon so I can dive right in!

I’m giving this one a 5 out of 5 stars – it’s definitely a “must read” for young adults (and ahem…older adults….) with active imaginations and a yearning to read.

Brighton Publishing has provided me with a complimentary copy of  Amber Grey: Calm Before the Storm in exchange for my personal, unbiased review.

About the Author

Jennifer Coalwell was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and attended a French immersion school until her high school years. In her education, she focused primarily on language art, and, ultimately, music.

“Writing has always been like breathing, to me,” she says. “In another perspective, I see each sentence mimicking a musical phrase, defined by balance and beauty, carrying with it the power to alter or enhance opinions and ideas.”

She’s built small businesses encompassing piano and music instruction, catering, and co-boutique ownership. Over the years, she and her family have hosted a myriad of foreign students, inviting the Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Japanese cultures and—what she describes as—truly wonderful children and adults to their home.

J. L. Coalwell lives among the Rocky Mountains in Utah with her husband and five children.

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