Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plunging into Green by John Smith

Humorous and entertaining! A fresh look at water conservation and life.

From the Publisher

What happens when a plumber decides to start saving water--the very same water he spent most of his career trying to flush down the drain? Join John Smith on his journey to becoming a Green Plumber and follow the transformation of his business and his personal outlook along the way. 

My Take

I was a bit leary of reading Plunging into Green when I was first contacted---green plumbing, how do you make that interesting? When the book arrived, I smiled at the cover. It looked “fun”, not tedious. Then I started into the first chapter and I was happily surprised that it was entertaining. The real-life stories bring the reader into the book because you know everyone has silly questions they want to ask a plumber but are too embarrassed to do so.

Once I got into the second and third chapters, I knew that I was hooked. I looked forward to picking the book up again and reading about the journey to “green”.  It’s amazing what 5 days in a conference can do to change a life.  Mr. Smith took the bull by the horns to change not only his attitude, but his life, his business, and his customers’ lives. it's incredible that something so unpretentious can affect a life so completely.

One of my favorite lines in the book is the description of a conference speaker---that the speaker had “the capacity to interest an audience while imparting useful knowledge”. That’s exactly what John Smith does in this book. I learned a lot about green pluming, the products to use (or not use), and innovative ways to capture a customer’s attention.  I know I personally will be looking at water conservation a lot differently now.

I’m giving the book 4 out of 5 stars—the humor, the information, and escapades of his mom (she's a hoot!) really motivated me in reading Plunging into Green. I only wish the book could have been longer with even more innovative ideas and techniques. Hopefully Mr Smith will be writing another book in the near future to pick up where this one left off.

John Smith has provided me with a complimentary copy of Plunging into Green in exchange for my personal, unbiased review.

About the Author

John Smith was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  A first generation plumber, he has worked in the field for over 16 years.  John's passion for the trade has given him the drive to continually improve plumbing practices, all while working to change the image of the modern day plumber.   

But what happens when a plumber decides to start saving water--the very water he spent most of his career trying to flush down the drain?  Plunging Into Green tells the story of John's extraordinary journey to becoming a green plumber, including how his business and personal outlook changed along the way.

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